1. Where Do I Go

From the recording Fire in the Night

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We spend so much time lost and searching, willing to trade a thousand years for one day of glory.


Where do I go when there’s no path left to follow?
Where do I look when there’s nothing I can see?
Can I believe in the promise of tomorrow,
When the fear that lives within the dark becomes a part of me?
Where do I go?

How can I fly when I have no wings to take me?
How can I dance when the music’s out of time?
How can I sing when the joy of life forsakes me,
When the chorus has no meaning and the verse is out of rhyme?
How can I sing?

Oh morning sky, listen to my prayer
Let me be the rising sun, fire in the air.
And evening stars watch me as I fly,
Blaze across the jealous moon filling up the sky.
If my life rolled on for a thousand years
I would trade it all for one day of glory.
People will gather from miles around
And they’ll stand in line just to hear my story.
Where did he go?
Where do I run when I carry what I run from?
How can I hide when I’m hiding most from me?
Is there a dream, is there a hope, is there a plan for this
Does the pain that comes from all the changes somehow set me
Where do I run?


(C) 2012 Clement K