From the recording Fire in the Night

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Can you really miss a city this much? Austin used to be his home. Now he’s headed back after too long gone.


Johnny’s in the back seat playin’ his guitar,
Layin’ down the rhythms that will make that boy a star.
Lizzy’s riding shotgun nailin’ every tune
And when she hits the final note it’s over - much too soon.
Me I’m goin’ crazy gettin’ lost in the feel.
Tryin’ to keep her steady, but I’m tappin’ on the wheel.
Sarah’s back with Johnny singing out the signs,
Bangin’ on the cooler,- keepin’ Austin time.

Oh restless wheels take this boy and please deliver
From the one too many places all alone
Of all the music in that car the sweetest song by far
Was the wheels singing “Austin coming home”.

A pit stop out of Knoxville I’m pumping in the gas
Countin’ pennies in my head and hopin’ it’ll last,
Johnny says that leavin’ just had to be a sin.
He says he can’t wait to get back, although he’s never been.

And she makes it hard to leave her,
And it’s hard to stay away,
And you spend your time away from her
Thinking of the day – you’re goin’ home


Played Neil’s bar in Jackson for a full tank and a tray.
Neil said he lived in Austin once but life blew him away.
“You know”, he said, “I’ve owned this bar since 1962,
I’m going home to Austin soon I’m just passin’ through.”


(C) 2012 Clement K