1. Jakarta Calls

From the recording Fire in the Night

She was sixteen and oh so eager. She said, “Dad, I can hardly wait to begin my life’s great adventure. I want to see New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Bali . . . and Jakarta.”


She hums an Ipod tune
About a someplace far away.
Chorus swells then dies too soon,
A song to get her through the day.

And in the night through bedroom walls
Family voices calling
And through the noise Jakarta calls
Bali stars are falling.
Days drag, times are slow
Restless angels, thoughts aflame.
Eager dreams on wings to go
Saving pennies for the plane.

And in the night before she flies
Sleepless in her room
She thinks about Jakarta skies
And Bali afternoons.
So many sparks burn into fires
So many places I’ve just got to see
So many dreams turn into desires
Inside of me
He sings his vinyl tunes
Half remembered through the years.
Thinks about Jakarta’s ruins
Tangled in a father’s fears

Chorus: And in the night through broken dreams
You can hear him pray,
“Please be kind Jakarta roads.
Bring her home one day.”

(C) 2012 Clement K