From the recording Fire in the Night

Growing up can be hard on a lonesome true believer.


Daddy what’s the story
Tell me is it true?
Johnny says and Chloe says it too.
There are no such things as angels
But there’s an angel in my closet
And dreams rarely come true
And I know there was a time
I’m holding on but I don’t know what to do.
When Johnny and Chloe both had angels too.

Oh, the prayers of sweet Cecilia
Glow like candles in the night
Keeping all the holy mysteries alive.
Through the dark of disbelievers
Shines her small, uncertain light
Helping the dreamers and the angels to survive.

And she believes we’re not alone
That kindly spirits someday come to take us home
And she believes that bye and bye
All the angels that we save teach us to fly.

And the songs of sweet Cecilia
Come like echoes from the sea
At a time when the music’s almost gone
And the notes that sweet Cecilia sings
Still play inside of me
And the miracles and the mysteries linger on.

And the tears of sweet Cecilia
Come when no one else can hear.
When the prayers and songs are her’s and her’s alone.
It’s the sadness that befalls
Every lonesome, true believer
Bringing the dreamers and the angels safely home.

(C) 2012 Clement K