1. One Dream

From the recording Fire in the Night

For song writers everywhere and for those who hum along.


One dream and let it be mine,
Take the song I sing and make it soft and fine,
One time to reach for the sky,
And when the song is through it’s something to leave when I die.

Let me be music all the songs that I’ll ever sing.
And those who sang them will live in me, sing in me.

One song and when I’m alone,
When the words are fine the feelin’s like being home.
One word and give it a rhyme
And add a tune or two to make the song mine.

Born from a dream into a world on fire
Looking for signs to help us survive.
Hoping some plan guides each new day’s desire
Needing the hope to stay alive.
God, I’m glad I’m alive.

One prayer for the singers of songs
And another yet for those who just hum along.
One more, then my prayers are all prayed
Sing me home again when the last notes are played.


(C) 2012 Clement K