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From the recording Fire in the Night

Fire in the Night – “I see angels in the morning but oh Good God, I feel the fire in the night.” Sometimes the characters come with their own story.


He came up from the village church splashin’ holy water.
He’d come to save old Rosie’s soul
But his eyes were on her daughter.
She’d been lost to the wild, at an early age.
And she danced on the roof of that mud brick house
Like it was a New York stage and she sang.

“Holy Roller, Holy Roller”. Oh may the lord forgive her.
“Holy Roller can’t you hear the music ‘cross the river?
Take me into the water. Bring me up to the light.
I hear the angels in the morning. But oh dear God
I feel the fire in the night. Fire in the night.”
The way she moved made him forget every vow he’d taken.
He sent a prayer to heaven yet he still felt quite forsaken.
She was fire on the prairie. She was all the storms at sea.
And Rosie in her rocking chair smiled reassuringly

Bridge: Come, come and follow. Come, go with me,
On the wings of a swallow, in the churn of the sea.
Well the river keeps flowing and winter winds blowing
And castles are falling and voices are calling
And passions connected and thinking directed
And old gods rejected and some resurrected in me.
Come, come and follow. Come, go with me.

The village folk came looking for
Their missing, wayward preacher.
But Rosie’s mind was too far gone
You know they couldn’t reach her.
She’d been lost to the wild, at an early age.
And she recollected only that they’d danced upon the stage
And they sang.


(C) 2012 Clement K