About Me


 i, I'm C J Kichuk

spent years as a musician, song writer and performer and then more years as a systems and management consultant while focusing on raising a family. Some time ago, an idea for a novel was born. It evolved from an interesting concept to a demanding project. BITS is the result.

will always love music and continue to compose but I have enjoyed the adventure of bringing my characters to life in a novel. 

elcome to my website. I hope you find enough here to convince you to read BITS , but in any case, enjoy the music.  My songs are personal. I write about the people, places and events in my life and my time. I write portrait songs about the people that touch me and story songs that come from the life around me, my dreams and hopes and fears. My hope is that my songs can touch you, lift you and perhaps give you a few minutes of pleasant pause in a much too busy world.

hanks for visiting.